Tiffin / Dabba : Punjabi Parathas, Samosas-Jalebi – Weekend brunch in Koramangala, NGV

Papastiffin brings Punjabi Parathas, Samosas and Rajasthani Jalebi in this week’s brunch menu.   Please order it and give a delicious beginning to your weekend.

28th June: Aalloo Parathas with Dahi or Gobhi Parathas with Dahi
29th June – Samosas with Meethi Chutney and Rajasthani Jalebi

Papastiffin supplies home-cooked food (tiffins or dabba ) in Koramangala, National Games Villages (NGV) and Indira Nagar. We supply weekend bruch, lunch and dinner in office and at your door-step. You can register on our website and order/cancel food online. Alternatively, you can also call at 9480493872 and order your food. We also serve to corporates, birthday parties and home functions. Please contact us.

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One Response to “Tiffin / Dabba : Punjabi Parathas, Samosas-Jalebi – Weekend brunch in Koramangala, NGV”

  1. Umesh Says:

    I really enjoyed the chokha you guys made last Sunday!!

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