Tiffin / Dabba :Home cooked food delivery route in Indira Nagar Bangalore

Papastiffin has finalized its’ route for lunch delivery in week days (Monday to Fridays). This includes double road, 80 ft road and Airport road. We can supply on 100 ft road if we get large orders from offices (more than 5 tiffins per office) We primarily supply in offices/corporates during lunch time.

Route is : Click to see Indira Nagar Tiffin / dabba Supply Route

We are also planning to start dinner supply in Indira Nagar in two weeks. Please look for further announcements.

Papastiffin offers:

Vegetarian Deal Plan:
Full Tiffin (Price Rs. 48 )

1 Dal, 1 Sabji tari wali, 1 Sookhi Sabji, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, Mithai/Kheer, Salad
Mini Tiffin (Rs.35)
1 dal, 1 sabji, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, salad

NON – VEGETARIAN DEAL PLAN (Lunch – Friday, Dinner- Friday/Sunday):
Full Tiffin (Rs. 70)
1 Dal, 1 CHICKEN ITEM ,1 Sabji Sookhi, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, Mithai/Kheer, Salad

NON-VEG Mini Tiffin (Rs. 55)
3/4 dal, 3/4 CHICKEN ITEM, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, salad

Rice/2 roti or 4 Roti

A customer can call at 9480493872 or 9343309269 and order its’ food. Papastiffin also provides fascility to its’ customers so that they can register them-selves on the website. Registered users can order food online for a single day or multiple days. Papastiffin also provides facility so that customers can cancel the orders online. Customers can also provide their feedback online.

So if you live in Koramangala, NGV or Indira Nagar and are missing home-cooked food then visit papastiffin or call at 9480493872 or 9343309269. We will supply food at your door-step at your convenience.

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