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Dinner at Indira Nagar and silkboard BTM 2nd stage

April 7, 2009

Papastiffin is proud to announce that we are starting our dinner service (we were already supplying lunch) in Indira Nagar and  silkboard BTM 2nd stage . Papastiffin will be delivering your dinner at your doorstep. We will be delivering both types of tiffins at your doorstep.You can visit website or call at 9480493872 to order your tiffin.

Full Tiffin ( Price Rs. 48 ) – 1 Dal, 1 Sabji tari wali, 1 Sookhi Sabji, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, Mithai/Kheer, Salad

Mini Tiffin (Rs.35) 1 dal, 1 sabji, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, salad

NON – VEGETARIAN DEAL PLAN: Full Tiffin (Rs. 75) 1 Dal, 1 CHICKEN ITEM ,1 Sabji Sookhi, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, Mithai/Kheer, Salad

NON-VEG Mini Tiffin (Rs. 60) 3/4 dal, 3/4 CHICKEN ITEM, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, salad

NON-VEG EXTRA CHICKEN ITEM Rice/2 roti or 4 Roti

Example Dishes: DAAL : # Yellow Toor Daal, Dhaba Fry Daal, Moong Ki Daal, Masar Ki Daal, Palak-Chana Daal, Lauki Chana Daal, Mah-Rajma Daal, Mix Daal etc. SABJIYA : * Amritsari Chana, Rajmah, Aaloo Matar, Malai Kofta, Dum Aalloo, Aaloo Amritsari Barri, Aallo Gobhi, Saag Paneer, Karela, Palak Paneer, Bhindi, Ras Bhinni Lauki, Aalloo Methi, Sem, Mashroom Matar, Tinda, Baigan Ka Bharta, Aalloo beans, Zeera Aaloo, Kaddoo etc. Others : * Raita : Tamatar Raita, Kheera Raita, Lauki Raita, Bundi Raita, Dahi Bhalla , Pyaz Raita etc. * Sweets : Kheer, Lauki Ki Kheer, Sevai Ki Kheer, Custard, Gulab Jamun etc. * Non-Veg : Methi Chicken, Chiken Curry, Lemon Chicken, Mughlai Chicken, Chinese Chicken etc. * Punjabi Parathas: Aalloo, Pyaz, Gobhi, Besan etc. * Snacks : Samosa, khasta, paneer pakaure, veg-pakaure etc ORDER ONLINE ( REGISTER, LOGIN AND ORDER/CANCEL) OR CALL 9480493872 We are here to serve you with fresh, healthy and palatable food at your doorstep and most importantly at your convenience. Home cooked food of your choice is now just a mouse click away. Papastiffin delivers home made food to offices / companies / homes / pg accomodations.

Please contact us at papastiffin or call us at 9480493872 for all your food needs. You can order online. We wish to treat each of our customers as a member of a big family. We believe in interactive atmosphere where you can choose or even prepare your menu and where your feedbacks/suggestions are valued and promptly acted upon. We plan to supply tiffins to more areas depending on the demand. So please don’t get disheartened if you do not stay at one of these locations. Regardless of where you stay in Bangalore do call us. If number of tiffin request from a particular area crosses a critical mass we’ll open up our kitchen there to serve you better.