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Tiffin / Dabba – Home / office delivery of non-veg (chicken) food in Koramangala, Indira Nagar, NGV

June 3, 2008

Papastiffin is grateful to all its’ customers for their support. We also supply non-veg food on following days (veg food could be ordered on all the days).

Friday: Lunch / Dinner

Sunday : Dinner*

We will be starting dinner services in Indira Nagar soon. We do not serve dinner to Indira Nagar now. We serve lunch on weekdays in Indira Nagar.

We cook according to orders so if we do not have enough orders, then, we do not supply non-veg even on upper mentioned days. If we start getting substantial orders (more than 10) then we can even deliver non-veg food on other days too. Non-vegetarian items are very costly so we cook these items according to the advanced orders. So if you want to taste our non-veg tiffin then please put your orders in advance. You can login on Papastiffin and put your orders online or you can also call at 9480493872 and put your orders. We have following options in non-veg category:

Full Tiffin (Rs. 70)
1 Dal, 1 CHICKEN ITEM ,1 Sabji Sookhi, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, Mithai/Kheer, Salad

NON-VEG Mini Tiffin (Rs. 55)
3/4 dal, 3/4 CHICKEN ITEM, Rice/4 roti or 6 rotis, Raita, salad

Rice/2 roti or 4 Roti

Papastiffin requests you to taste our non-veg food. We also request you to put your orders in atleast one day advance. We promise to give you great taste at your convenience. You do not need to pre-register or wait in queues to eat good meal. We will deliver you at your place. So you can savor the great food spending your precious time with loved ones. We can even supply food at corporates in Koramangala, NGV and Indira Nagar.

We are committed to provide you tasty, hygienic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. We deliver home cooked food (tiffin ) in homes and corporate offices in Koramangala, Indira Nagar, NGV and near around areas. Please give your advice and feedback on feedback.