Inflation woes – plight of tiffin walas

Inflation likely to touch double digit

Petrol / Diesel / Cooking Gas prices increased ….in June

New Delhi, April 11 (IANS) India’s annual rate of inflation hit a 41-month high of 7.41 percent for the week ended March 29, from 7 percent for the week before, on account of higher food and commodities prices.

Who do you think is the biggest sufferer for recent inflation? Is it households, businesses, Central Government ( It enjoyed fruits of growing economy so far without doing much for it)? Everybody is feeling the pinch of rising prices but our tribe, smaller hotels, restaurants and tiffin walas, have been heavily affected as a result of the recent price hike.

Just to put things in perspective, have a look at these numbers:

Rise (%) year to year
Vegetable prices 11.4
Edible oil 21.1

The LPG prices too, are constantly increasing. Last year the price for a commercial cylinder was Rs 700; this year it is Rs 1130. Rising gasoline prices have further added to our woes. It has been an everyday challenge to maintain quality with this steep price rise.

Papastiffin team has maintained its’ quality by cutting our razor-thin profit margins and wishing that inflation will be a short lived phenomenon.

Papastiffin supplies home-cooked food (tiffins) in Koramangala, National Games Villages (NGV) and Indira Nagar. We supply lunch and dinner in office and at your door-step. You can register on our website and order/cancel food online. Alternatively, you can also call at 9480493872 and order your food.

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4 Responses to “Inflation woes – plight of tiffin walas”

  1. Amol Says:

    visit for all beijing olympic related news

  2. amit anand Says:

    I’ve been feaquently taking food from Papa’s tififn for last couple of months and I must thank them for being able to maintain their quality even though food prices have sky-rocketed. They have not increased thier meal price either.

    So, good job Papas Tiffin!!! I hope you’ll continue delivering us quality food at affordable prices.

  3. Menu revision « Tiffins in Koramangala, NGV, Indira Nagar : Says:

    […] Much needed menu revision was needed because of high inflation. We have still not changed price of our main product i.e Full Vegetarian Meal. We will try to hold […]

  4. Shantanu Gera Says:

    Suggestion : Keep two sets of tiffins to reduced delivery costs

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